This page ain’t pretty!  But it’s my sign up form 🙂

Well… I’ve written this page a bit “tongue in cheek” to send up the classic marketing styles that go on all the time on line.

In short: I don’t expect you guys to fall for that stuff!  So I’m just putting it here plain as day!

You’re here because you want help with your website or marketing… or you’ve come for the free stuff.  (or you’ve come to spy on how I put together this little campaign in an hour this morning in my underpants!)

That’s cool!  I got ya covered for all that! 🙂

So just chuck your details in the box and you’ll get an email with the link to the first 2 chapters of my market research report.

Inside,  you’ll find how I do market research in the first stages.  You will learn how to do this yourself.  This saves you time and money!  And the discoveries you make can make you money in the long run too.

DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY?! heh (too much? lol)

ok… whatevs… if you’re in, just share you’re email and I’ll hook you up.

You’ll get the reports… and then you can contact with me some info if you want to partake in my offer to help you with your marketing/website stuff.

No pressure 🙂

Merry Christmas NEIS people

~ Chris