Welcome to the newly inspired Websites Tasmania Web Page! (It’s been a long time coming haha!)

Introduction time: For those of you who are new here, I’m “that guy” on FB who really doesn’t say much unless it’s completely hilarious (if I do say so myself) or I’m going on one of my rare, but fun rants about the economy or politics, or people who walk slowly in supermarkets.

Yeah, I’m “that guy”.

I don’t say much, but I try to make what I say meaningful.  I figure there’s enough noise in the world without the babble of low quality conversation. To me, it’s gotta mean something.

And that’s the way I approach my business.

But unfortunately, that’s what’s kept me from completing this site for the past few years!

There have been a few iterations, but none as comprehensive as this.  It’s taken quite some time to get my head around exactly what I wanted it to be all about!

Yeah, it’s a web design company, but for who? And for what?

I’ve freelanced for the past few years, doing website design, product photography, list building, copywriting and SEO for my own affiliate campaigns and other local businesses.

And it turns out that yeah, I’m “That Guy” in business too.

Yesterday I had a friend ask me to do some work for him.  He said nobody else has been able to help him so far.  Retail stores had turned him away and he didn’t want to ask, but he needed help.

He had a list of about 5 things he needed done.  To me, none of them especially complicated.  Moving videos from his phone, converting the file format, finding an email address of an old friend and fixing the internet in his mobile browser.  For me, not hard.  I had him sorted out in an hour, gave him some of my signature “Butch-T Chilli Sauce” and he was smiling and on his way.

But who else would have done that for him?  Apparently nobody!

So I figured that I’m “That Guy” – The Guy who gets things done when nobody else can.  The Troubleshooter. The Gunslinger. The Grey Ghost. The Phantom of the Night. (well, maybe that’s going a bit far haha!)

But I don’t just do ONE thing.  I’m a bit of all right at a whole lot of things.

I integrate, and get creative to find solutions to weird problems, and I like it. 

So here I am again, with my Ducky mechanical keyboard in hand and a whole new bunch of nicknames (Thank you random friend who doesn’t text before coming around… gah)

Here we go!  

Follow along or just sit back and watch…

~ Chris AKA “That Guy”