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  • Move Strong Gym


    After training on and off at the Move Strong gym for a year or so it became apparent that the owner (Chris Bellete) required some technical assistance freeing his website from the clutches of a restrictive web host and design platform.  I offered some tips on how to resolve the issues, and like any good […]

  • Ruby Victoria Letterpress


    Narelle offers a delightfully unique and extraordinarily beautiful line of printed items from her workshop in Latrobe.  When we first met, Narelle had about 10 different online stores and was working diligently displaying her wares in markets and retailers around the country.  My job was to consolidate her online presence so it was more easily […]

  • Bas1c Photography

    Bas1cPhotography.com (artist)

    Mark has made a name for himself not only with the impressive vehicles he modifies and designs but with his remarkable talent for photography.  Mark’s business has been running through Facebook for the past few years, but since their algorithm changes and their new approach for paid views he decided it was time to secure […]

  • TashTag.com


    A writer and an artist, entrepreneur and Facebook guru all rolled into one big fat joint and smoked listening to a tune from his own music label A.W.O.L.  This guy knows how to party and he’s got the stories from Boston to prove it.   Chris Tashjian has been publishing his content on Facebook for years […]

  • Hack The Power

    HackThePower.com (/rant site)

    This guy likes to complain.  And I’ve got to admit, there’s a lot of stuff to complain about in this world, and this guy just wanted a place to put it.  It’s listed anonymously and has privacy protection so he (Rusty Crayons) can say whatever he wants without fear of discovery.  A truly anonymous blog […]

  • Hydroponic Grocer


    This is a new project for me.  I’ve started this site as a personal blog to track my progress producing herbs, vegetables and fruits in my own garden!  I’m mad keen on gardening and since I’ve started I’ve becoming addicted to starting seeds.  The drawback is that I haven’t got enough room to keep them! […]

  • Unicorn Man

    Unicorn-Man.com (Market Research)

    This site was just great fun not only to build, but to operate.  I made hundreds of new friends (not to mention some nice cash!) providing market research services (based on the criteria outlined by Andrew Hansen in the Forever Affiliate Marketing course).  I partnered with Andrew to help him provide niche market research services […]

  • Ripped Muscle X Reviews

    RippedMuscleXReviews.com (Health & Fitness)

    This is a site that I’ve had for a while and make some regular passive income from.  The market research was done based on an analysis of keyword volume compared to competition and weighed up against potential affiliate income. The design is simple and quick to create, with focus on targeting search engines for maximum […]

  • How To Get Your Ex Back Reviews

    HowToGetYourExBackReviews.com (dating)

    A review site targeting those who are seeking to get back together with their ex.  I have some experience in this field (as you might read in the content on the site!) but unfortunately, I also have some experience in the whole “break-up” scene after things didn’t work out.  None the less, this site still […]

  • Best Neck Creams

    BestNeckCreams.com (cosmetic)

    Another affiliate product site targeting the facial cosmetics market.  I’ve had success with this site, specifically due to the rankings it’s achieved with very little effort.  Just goes to show how important some good market research is! A good little earner with income coming from MarketHealth.com, SellHealth.com and Amazon Associates Program.  I think I earn […]


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  • Hi Chris That looks fantastic! Seriously, well done. If you can keep writing content like that, you’ll find you convert people like crazy. Keep at it! Andrew Hansen (ForeverAffiliateCoaching.com)

  • Chris, you are amazing mate. You are definitely someone who deserves wholeheartedly to succeed at this game. I sincerely wish you every fame, success and fortune in your venture (and any others you may be busy with). Thank-you, Gaz

  • You are a legend Chris ……. I am glad & proud to be part of the course & team. You people absolutely rock! Chris, all the best my friend. 3 cheers for the unicorn man! Matt

  • here, here. 3 cheers for the unicorn man. Chris, You really rock. Justus

  • If you are like me (struggling to find niches) I would highly recommend you get in touch with Chris. He delivers. Period. I have recently even resorted to buying gigs at Fiverr but what I get is no where near what Chris provided me. – Mark

  • I just received my niche package from Chris and I can’t tell you how happy I am because it was exactly what I was hoping to find! He delivered it all in less than 3 hours with all the information that I need and which I would have struggled to do by myself.

  • You’ve set the bar incredibly high for the rest of us. If I am able to come anywhere near the mark of excellence you’ve created I will consider myself a success, indeed. Couldn’t recommend your services any higher. If anyone needs help in this area, then Chris is your man. Thanks for everything, Fred

  • I ordered 1 niche pack [and] that niche pack was delivered within a few hours after I ordered, complete with much, much more than anyone should have any right to expect for 20 bucks. Here’s a man who takes the concept of customer service to new heights!

  • I ordered one niche pack (yesterday) and received it this morning. The pack exceeded my expectations, contained much more detail than I had imagined, and, the delivery speed was remarkable. I’m very happy with it, and look forward to successfully joining the affiliate programme concerned and galloping onward. Cheers, BillyDee (aka recommended)

  • The Unicorn is fast…!! Very, very happy with what he selected for me. I hope to order more at some point; kim

  • I’ve got to say the Unicorn Man provides excellent service!

  • I saw Chris’s post on his Unicorn services and thought, this is perfect. I requested several niche packages and, boy, did he deliver. And talk about customer service! I had a question about one of the niches and he responded immediately even though he’s in the hospital. Now that’s dedication!

  • I really like all the niches that he picked and the information that he provides with each package is just wonderful. I really couldn’t ask for better results. Would I use his service again? You betcha! If you need some additional niches, you really can’t go wrong with the Unicorn Man!

  • Chris – After reviewing the two niche packs that you provided, I have just one word to say. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! For those of you too young to remember, or living in a location where the 1964 movie musical Mary Poppins was not available, the word is used to describe something that is fantastic or super-fabulous. Seriously, […]

  • Just a quick word to say that the niche pack I received from Chris was well worth the money and I’m sure I will be going back for more.

  • This is A1 type service. Thorough, comprehensive and timely. Just wish I had ordered from Unicorn Man before I ordered my previous pack elsewhere. Fabulous. Nick

  • THANK YOU, Chris for the great niches you send me! I am very glad with all the research you did and the details you provided in the niche-pack.

  • Thank you for the great niche pack you just did for me. Great service! Yvette